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Why Services Providers choose SLAM

Alexandra Day

Phrixus Technologies, Berowa, New South Wales


“In the dark day of 'break-fix', Phrixus Technologies struggled with being able to move swiftly to a Managed Service and Flat Rate Pricing model. No one had the time to figure out how to calculated Managed Service SLAs, the average amount of time for a technician to carry out a task, how many different tasks there were and how to develop an easy calculation template where you could quote a network on the spot. Why re-invent the wheel when the SLAM package is already available?”

“The results we have seen are incredibly positive. We were able to implement the SLAs over a 3 month period, confident with our pricing model. We now enjoy a regular guaranteed recurring revenue stream which in turn has given our business more freedom to plan and budget. SLAM has been a very worthwhile investment and I would recommend the product to other resellers who are serious about changing.”

Bob McCool

Ariel MIS, Boulder, Colorado


“Prior to SLAM we were spending owner-level time and lots of it trying to figure out our service model. Now we can focus on branding our services and integrating them.”

Brian Galli

XP Networks, Marina Del Rey, California


“I don't have to be involved in every aspect of a contract, which saves me a lot of time and headaches. Plus, I know we'll get a good profitable deal, so I can sleep easy at night.”

Chris Benson

Geeks-a-Knockin, Portland, Oregon


"SLAM’s helped me improve my cash flow. We can scale better and get more profitable over time. I'd have paid 5 or 10 times what I did for SLAM!"

Mark Giles

Phrixus Technologies, Berowa, New South Wales


“The SLAM pricing models are extremely valuable. I can do a brand new client quotation in less then 10 minutes.”

Neil Stone-Wigg

IT Focus Limited, Dublin, Ireland


“Coming across Mathew and his SLAM methodology was like natural light rushing into a darkening tunnel. We knew we were good, but we were not getting the appropriate revenue from it. Now our business model - based on SLAM but altered for local use - rewards our efforts to achieve maximum quality of service and efficiency.”

“We are confident that it's up to us now. We see the light at the end of the tunnel with SLAM! We know what we need to do to get efficient and make money.”

Paul Chiari

FNQ Computers, Queensland, Australia


“The benefits of SLAM are streamlining our whole system, thus making us proactive instead of reactive. All of our clients are open to it - we have a 100% sign up rate!”

What your clients will say about you

Bridgeway Accountants and Advisers


“Benefits of the SLA include pre-determined service levels and fixed pricing providing fewer surprises.”

King Financial Services


“Since we have been on the SLA we have noticed an even higher level of service, with support calls being resolved quickly.”

Orana Education and Training Cooperative


“The service reports help us to avoid any last minute issues.”

Richard Heyer Motors


“Since signing the SLA we have seen an improvement in the overall performance of our network. I would have no hesitation in recommending this excellent concept to anyone.”