TechGenix Reseller Ramble

TechGenix Reseller Ramble

30.10.2017 Anyone can sail a yacht downwind: TechGenix Reseller Ramble 7

Anyone can sail a yacht downwind When I was still but a youngster, my eldest brother built a (very basic) sailing boat. We took it to Burrendong Dam, a 1.2TL body of water near my childhood home used for a range of recreational activities. We brought it to shore and, being full of confidence, I was ready to sail it out across the glass-like surface of the dam. It all seemed too easy to me. Put the sails up and let the wind do the work. I jumped in first ready to take control and my  ..

24.5.2017 Threaten your sales staff to generate additional sales? TechGenix Reseller Ramble 6

I read with interest recently that the Financial Consumer Agency of Canada has just started a business practices probe to review sales tactics after allegations that some bank staff chasing lofty sales goals have felt pressured into behaving unethically. Regulators are more alert to unethical behaviour after the US bank, Wells Fargo & Co. was fined US$185 million over a scandal that revealed the lender had opened over two million unauthorised accounts. The situation in Canada does n ..

21.3.2017 Take the sale on offer now: TechGenix Reseller Ramble 5

Take the sale on offer now. You may be familiar with the Stanford marshmallow experiment. Psychologist Walter Mischel conducted a study in 1960 to test delayed gratification as it related to success in later life. Hundreds of young children were taken in small groups into a room free of distractions where a single marshmallow sat in front of their chair. The researchers told the children they could either eat the treat as soon as the researchers left the room or, if they were willing to  ..

27.2.2017 Staff surveillance. To do or not to do: TechGenix Reseller Ramble 4

Spare a thought for the Formula One drivers of the world. Sure, they seem to earn a reasonable wage. Sebastian Vettel is currently on US$50 million a year. The combined salaries of the top 10 drivers is more than the GDP of some small countries such as Nauru and the Marshall Islands. So financially they seem OK. In terms of travel, they visit a minimum of twenty different countries throughout the year with all travel expenses covered and flying on exclusive charter flights or in first class. ..

31.10.2016 Clients V Staff V Shareholders V Products: TechGenix Reseller Ramble 3

I recently attended a breakfast where the CEO of one of Australia’s ASX Top 10 companies was speaking. At the end of his delivery, he opened up the floor to questions. After a range of questions specific to his industry, a question came from one clever observer who had been keeping an eye on the share price of this company. He wanted to know whether this particular CEO put the most focus on shareholders or staff or clients. It was a great question. Now given his position and th ..

24.10.2016 The power of the referral: TechGenix Reseller Ramble 2

As humans we need five necessities to survive. Oxygen; water; food; shelter and sleep. From a physiological point of view, without these items we will die. From a psychological point of view, there are good arguments that we also need sex and a sense of belonging to thrive rather than just survive. It is the psychological aspect that I want to focus on today. Disappointingly, not the sex aspect but rather the idea that, for our mental health, we need to feel that we belong in a group to ..

17.10.2016 Inform not baffle: TechGenix Reseller Ramble 1

Typical salesperson at IT reseller anywhere in the world: “Thanks for asking about the Cloud. It truly is a wonderful thing. Ever since the ARPANET adopted TCP/IP on 1 January 1983, the little ‘network of networks’ that started has grown into a world of interconnectedness and with the introduction of IPv6 to ensure the shortcomings in address space of IPv4 are overcome there is really nothing holding back the growth in Cloud services now.” The salesperson is just warm ..