Media Releases

Media Releases

24.9.2020 Media Release: axxis adds another electric vehicle (EV) to their fleet

Media release axxis adds another electric vehicle (EV) to their fleet Owner of axxis, Mathew Dickerson, has been a progressive advocate of hybrid and electric vehicles for more than fifteen years and has used these vehicles personally; in his businesses and during his time as Mayor of Dubbo City Council. He was the first Mayor in Australia to use an electric hybrid and then the first Mayor in the nation to use an all-electric car. axxis has had a history of being progressive with ..

20.9.2020 Media Release: EV Display at Amusu Theatre in Manildra on Sunday 25 October

Media release EV Display at Amusu Theatre in Manildra on Sunday 25 October DEVIOUS, the Dubbo Electric Vehicle Interest; Owners; Users and Supporters group has teamed up with the Amusu Theatre at Manildra for a display of Electric Vehicles (EVs) on Sunday 25 October. This display will be ahead of the screening of the movie, ‘FORD v FERRARI’ which will be held at the Amusu Theatre from 1.30pm. From 12 midday on Sunday 25 October a large variety of E ..

14.9.2020 Life is a compromise

Every day we make decisions that involve some form of compromise. We have competing interests that we have to weigh up and then we make a decision. I like the idea of staying in bed all day and catching up on some movies but my kids need someone to get them organised for school. Going to work today? Sounds lame. Surely taking a permanent holiday would be better – but I need to work to generate an income so I can take that holiday. I know of an 85” 8K TV that would loo ..

04.9.2020 Media Release: axxis wins Australia-wide sales competition

Media release axxis wins Australia-wide sales competition COVID-19 has impacted different businesses in different ways. Worldwide shipments of smartphones reduced by 14 per cent which created a huge challenge for retailers in the mobile phone space. While phone sales reduced, data requirements increased as more people worked from home or had to continue their studies remotely. Many people in regional areas face additional challenges with lack of NBN connectivity or fringe recep ..