Media Releases

Media Releases

17.1.2020 Media Release - axxis 30th anniversary with Dr Karl Kruszelnicki and $20,000 in giveaways

Media release Thirtieth anniversary celebrations featuring special guest Dr Karl Kruszelnicki As axxis celebrates thirty years in business, clients will be the ones taking home the presents On Saturday 15 February, axxis will be celebrating thirty years in business. Although Mathew Dickerson started his first micro-business in 1980 when in his first year of high school, he counts the start date of his ‘real’ business career as 4 December 1989 when M.A.D. Industries wa ..

09.1.2020 Why did we bother to ban CFCs?

Chlorofluorocarbons. CFCs. The word doesn’t roll off the tongue - and it would be safe to say that before the eighties it was not a topic for common conversations at dinner parties. But in the eighties, we all suddenly became experts on CFCs and ozone holes. Before we understand why, we need to go back to the beginning. The ‘father of the refrigerator’ was Jacob Perkins who received a patent for a vapor-compression cycle using liquid ammonia in 1835. The liquid ..

03.1.2020 Have we seen enough yet?

Have we seen enough yet? There are times, in life, when the evidence seems to be so overwhelming that the answer is obvious – yet, when it suits, humans have an incredible ability to obstinately refuse to acknowledge the obvious. Confirmation bias plays a huge role in the way we see the world. We buy a new red car and suddenly we notice that the ‘majority’ of cars on the road are red. The percentage of red cars didn’t actually change but we are more conscious  ..