Media Releases

Media Releases

31.10.2019 Media Release - Dubbo Regional Council should adhere to its own policies

Media Release Dubbo Regional Council should adhere to its own policies Dubbo Regional Council has a dedicated Drought Hub page on its Web Site and, under the ‘Drought Management Plan’ is an approved document that outlines the full Drought Management Plan. On 29 October, Council was quoted in the Daily Liberal newspaper that soaker hoses were the preferred watering device for lawns as that was the wording in the original drought management plan introduced in 2015. So  ..

04.10.2019 Media Release - Wave goodbye to the Toyota Tour de OROC peloton

Media release Wave goodbye to the Tour de OROC peloton on Monday morning The 2019 version of the Toyota Tour de OROC is ready to roll and the organisers are inviting all the public to wave the riders goodbye on the first morning. The riders and support crew will gather at Macquarie Home Stay from 7am on Monday 7 October and will officially roll out of the accommodation facility at 7.29am with a lunch date at Armatree Hotel the first major stop. The temperature is predicted to ..

01.10.2019 ACM - Future Focus Article 1

“Witchcraft to the ignorant…simple science to the learned.” And with that simple statement, science fiction writer, Leigh Brackett, summed up much of the technological environment we see today. The more famous version of that sentiment followed on over thirty years later when, in 1973, Arthur C. Clarke’s third law stated that any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic. Can you imagine taking some of our modern conveniences back only a fe ..