Mayoral Column

Mayoral Column

13.1.2016 Daily Liberal Mayoral Column 225: 13 January 2016

While the year has started off positively for Dubbo with businesses generally recording good Christmas sales numbers and events and projects for this year starting to roll out already, it is hard to think about long-term strategies and positive progress for Dubbo at the moment with the threat of a merger hanging over our heads. I encourage everyone to read the Merger Proposal document on the State Government Web site at ( so you can gain more inform ..

06.1.2016 Daily Liberal Mayoral Column 224: 6 January 2016

As a city, we start the New Year in fantastic shape. Last year – by a number of measures – was generally regarded as the best year ever for Dubbo and Dubbo City Council. We therefore start this year in a very strong position with a number of significant projects underway. We have a number of capital projects that will come to fruition this year. One of Dubbo’s Villages, Eumungerie, will have running water connected for the first time this year. This is a significant and ..

30.12.2015 Daily Liberal Mayoral Column 223: 30 December 2015

The last column for the year. Around this time we see news and columns dedicate space and airtime to a review of the year. Far be it for me to be any different, so here is my very short version of the Dubbo City Council Year in Review. On the sporting front, Dubbo again showed that it is a host City that attracts the best from the State – and beyond. We held the Cricket NSW U13 and U14 State Challenge this year; the NSW Country Colts Carnival for U19 players was also held in Dubbo  ..

22.12.2015 Daily Liberal Mayoral Column 222: 23 December 2015

We held our final Council meeting for the year on Monday night. While there was a lot of goodwill at that meeting and it was generally recognised by Councillors and staff that this was the best year ever for Dubbo City Council (and I will give a year in review in my column next week), a dark cloud was hanging over our heads. Despite a record year for financial grants; despite various business units performing well above benchmark figures; despite great numbers through our airport and liv ..

25.11.2015 Daily Liberal Mayoral Column 218: 25 November 2015

On 23 November 1849, Dubbo was officially gazetted as a Village. After names such as Oxley; Dulhunty and Serisier had been involved in the very early days, this was the day that Dubbo officially came into existence. The next census listed the Dubbo population at 28 males and 19 females. Dubbo progressed and on 19 February 1872 the local government area was officially created when the Municipal District of Dubbo was approved by the Colonial Secretary. The population by this time was around 50 ..

18.11.2015 Daily Liberal Mayoral Column 217: 18 November 2015

After several years of local government reform and meetings; discussions; forums; reviews and panel discussions, today marks the final day allowed by the State Government to state a Council’s final position in relation to amalgamation options. The Web based form gave a Council three options for merge partners and then to give final support for a Council’s position, a maximum of fifty words has been allowed to state why a Council has a certain position. For such an important step  ..

11.11.2015 Daily Liberal Mayoral Column 216: 11 November 2015

The majority of our residents were not alive when the Great War was being fought and it is often difficult for residents (including myself) in our modern society to fully understand the implications of World War I on Australia’s early history. To gain some understanding of the impact of the War, I looked at some statistics. As Andrew Lang famously said, I shall try not to use statistics as a drunken man uses lamp-posts, for support rather than for illumination. In the First Wor ..

04.11.2015 Daily Liberal Mayoral Column 215: 4 November 2015

On Monday this week we had a very productive meeting involving Wellington Shire Council; Narromine Shire Council and Dubbo City Council. The Mayors and General Managers of the three Councils met to discuss information from the IPART report and the next phase in the ‘Fit for the Future’ process. To briefly recap, Dubbo was deemed to be ‘Fit’ but Wellington and Narromine were deemed ‘Not Fit’ despite passing all seven criteria due to the subjective additiona ..

28.10.2015 Daily Liberal Mayoral Column 214: 28 October 2015

There is one thing that always brings a smile to my face. Community involvement. It is one of many strengths that Dubbo has. I have mentioned many times the wonderful asset we have called the Tracker-Riley Cycleway. There are many people in our community that use this on a regular basis. Two events have started in Dubbo in recent years that take full advantage of this piece of Council infrastructure. The Dubbo Stampede and the Titan Macquarie Mud Run. Both of these events are well organised  ..

21.10.2015 Daily Liberal Mayoral Column 213: 21 October 2015

Yesterday I had the great honour of marching 30km into Dubbo with the Coo-ee March re-enactment. What a great way to commemorate 100 years Anzac. The group will continue to march today and for many days until they finally end up in Sydney on 11 November. It is a huge commitment by the marchers and organisers and I wish them well on their onward journey. Speaking with the organisers yesterday reminded me of our Dubbo Day awards. There are many people in our community doing some fantastic  ..