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10.3.2017 Comment for Dubbo Photo News on Red Hot Summer Tour 2017

On 2 December 2011 I attended my first OROC (Orana Region Of Councils) meeting. OROC at the time consisted of eleven Councils in the region – generally the Councils North-West through to South-West of Dubbo. This meeting was held in Coonabarabran.


As this was the first OROC meeting for the newly minted Mayor of the City of Dubbo, one of the other attendees pulled me aside and had a quick heart to heart with me. He told me that all the talk over the years of Dubbo being a sponge-city and Dubbo preying on the little towns surrounding it was rubbish. He made it very clear to me that Dubbo was the big brother that every sibling needed to help them through whatever troubles were put in the way. Dubbo was the big brother to the entire western region and was integral to the success of the entire area.


I had never realised just how passionate all of these towns and Councils surrounding Dubbo were about our City. They need Dubbo for their services and their medical treatment and their shopping and their transport. The list goes on. Part of the reason I created the Tour de OROC was from this very conversation.


As I talked to people on Saturday night at the Red Hot Summer Tour I also realised how great it was that Dubbo could also host artists of such a high calibre and expose them to the region. On Saturday night, I saw people from Coonabarabran and Tottenham and Bourke and Warren and just about everywhere in our region. I saw the Mayor of the Warrumbungle Shire Council in the mosh pit. There were also a few people from Dubbo there. What I realised as I spoke with people from all over the region is that they would never travel to Sydney to see John Farnham or James Reyne or Daryl Brathwaite. They enjoyed their music but they weren’t die-hard fans. What they did do though was take advantage of the fact that these artists were here in Dubbo. They travelled in on Friday or Saturday, did some shopping, went to the movies, went out to a great concert and then stayed in one of our 3,500 motel beds before traveling back home on Sunday.


The concert featured world-class entertainers and was right here in our backyard. It was accessible to people from Dubbo and the region and boosted our economy. It kept the big brother of Dubbo supplying services to the region and the region helped boost our economy.


What a great event and one that I am sure we will see return again and again – as we will also see our symbiotic relationship with the surrounding towns continue well into the future.