Fairfax Tech Talk Column

Fairfax Tech Talk Column

29.5.2020 Fairfax Tech Talk Column 200

16 April 2006. Chittagong. The first day of the last Test in the Australia versus Bangladesh series. Jason ‘Dizzy’ Gillespie shared the new ball with Brett Lee. After Gillespie had finished his first five overs, he had the figures of three for eleven and wasn’t used again in the innings. The Tigers were all out for 197 late in the day and Dizzy had the best bowling figures and best economy rate for the Aussies. When Australia went out to bat, Gillespie thought he was fi ..

22.5.2020 Fairfax Tech Talk Column 199

It may seem like quite an easy feat in our current environment but way back in 2006 I had an interesting request from a friend. His elderly father had passed away and their family was spread far and wide around the globe. Unfortunately, it simply wasn’t possible for one particular sibling to make it home from overseas. The friend asked me to setup a live stream of the service. It wasn’t called a live stream back then but the concept was the same. I somehow felt slightly awkward s ..

15.5.2020 Fairfax Tech Talk Column 198

When I was young, I would sometimes sit with my hip and groovy (much) older teenage sisters and listen to their music – usually on records but sometimes just listening to the radio. I remember one night when I heard Kiki Dee’s unique soul vocals pump out “I’ve Got the Music in Me” and at the end of the song, the radio announcer declared that she must have swallowed a radio! It was a poor joke but we found it amusing and rang the radio station to tell the DJ of o ..

08.5.2020 Fairfax Tech Talk Column 197

As humans we have a basic desire to be loved – and an innate curiosity. If you want to see fast actions from a person, mix these two ingredients and stand back! “This is a tech column,” I hear you thinking. “Why is he talking about psychology?” This last week we saw the twentieth anniversary of one of the most infamous computer viruses the world has ever seen – and it relied on these two aspects of human behaviour to be so devastating. Looking ..

01.5.2020 Fairfax Tech Talk Column 196

I walked in to a local sporting goods store many years ago to buy a sports watch. The typical sort of thing for the day. A chunky watch with a separate external armband to track GPS location and a chest band to monitor heart rate. I remember asking the salesperson if there were plans to incorporate, at the very least, the heart rate function into a watch on your wrist and possibly even GPS functionality. The salesperson was quite confident that a watch would NEVER have the capabilities t ..