Fairfax Tech Talk Column

Fairfax Tech Talk Column

27.9.2019 Fairfax Tech Talk Column 165

Do I need to remove the head? What about sunlight or a cross? No, sorry, that is for the Count. These need a different technique. No stake through the heart but definitely a shotgun aimed at the head. Bludgeoning of the cranium seems like hard work and risky but could also be effective. What? Whoops. When I was asked to write about killing zombies, I thought it was a strange topic for a tech article but started my research on Google Scholar (not a lot of peer-reviewed literature I admit).  ..

20.9.2019 Fairfax Tech Talk Column 164

As I ride my e-scooter through Warsaw and past the bronze statue of Polish astronomer Nicolaus Copernicus, I start to wonder what he would make of one of our modern conveniences. As Alistair Crombie, the Australian science historian, once noted, Copernicus was “the supreme example of a man who revolutionised science by looking at the old facts in a new way.” Copernicus, born 546 years ago, is best remembered for the publication of his book, De revolutionibus orbium coelestium ..

13.9.2019 Fairfax Tech Talk Column 163

What do the names Beam; Bird; Bolt; Circ; Dott; Jump; Lime; Poppi; Scoot; Skip and Trotti have in common? With less than seven years of history in this market, not many of these are household names…yet. This is despite the fact that some of these companies are worth over US$2 billion. One of the aspects of technology that I have always enjoyed is that one plus one often equals much more than two. Many products are developed with a specific purpose in mind and, in seemingly the bli ..

06.9.2019 Fairfax Tech Talk Column 162

I was browsing my social media accounts earlier in the week. I saw a post from a friend and something didn’t seem quite right. People do put some crazy stuff on their social media accounts but this seemed particularly bizarre. In this case a friend of mine was boldly professing his love of the Manly Sea Eagles and claiming to be their number one fan. I am the only person I know that is brave enough to admit they support Manly. I contacted my friend – who had no idea what I was ta ..