Fairfax Tech Talk Column

Fairfax Tech Talk Column

26.7.2019 Fairfax Tech Talk Column 156

“If I have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of Giants.” It would be hard to imagine what Newton would think, almost 350 years later, of how the world of technology has taken to heart this concept of building upon previous knowledge. Today I am going to talk about one specific product which is a little unusual for my tech columns, but it is the best example I have seen for some time of that concept of a product that builds upon a number of different pieces of te ..

19.7.2019 Fairfax Tech Talk Column 155

Great! There is a new app I want to use that all my friends are talking about. I can hardly wait to download it and start using it. Terms and conditions, I hear you say? Ha! Who has time to read all that legal gobbledygook? I am sure it will be OK and I won’t be able to make much sense of it anyway. I want to just download the app and start using it. Click Allow and Next a few times… Great. I am in. Wow this is a great app. I can see why so many people are using it. Fas ..

12.7.2019 Fairfax Tech Talk Column 154

Toyota has just started testing a new Prius with a solar roof that will be used to charge a plug-in battery. With the increased efficiency of solar panels, it makes sense. To give you some perspective, the amount of power that hits the earth’s surface at midday at the equator is 1kW per square metre. The solar cells on the Prius, being only 0.03mm think, will deliver about 860W of power. This is enough to add 45km of range in an average day of sitting in sunlight. The World Solar Chall ..

05.7.2019 Fairfax Tech Talk Column 153

Woohoo! I just won my grocery supply for the next year! With four hungry kids our grocery bill is a significant expense in our household. I can hardly wait to see those free groceries appearing at my doorstep. I’ve been waiting for a week now but still nothing. I have given the nice people at the major supermarket chain all the detailed information they asked for. I even paid them that small amount of money they requested to have the legal contracts for my prize sent to me by couri ..