Fairfax Tech Talk Column

Fairfax Tech Talk Column

26.4.2019 Fairfax Tech Column 143

Now we tend to think of our big four banks as, well, big. CBA; Westpac; ANZ and the NAB sit at numbers one; three; five and six respectively on our ASX200 by market capitalisation. And then there is Apple. To give you some idea of size, their market capitalisation is currently 3.4 times the combined market cap of our big four banks combined. Or to put it another way, Apple alone is the equivalent size of the combined largest 56 companies on the Australian ASX200. OK – we ..

19.4.2019 Fairfax Tech Column 142

One of the greatest challenges for lawmakers across the world is keeping up with changes in technology. Nowhere in the job description of a tech innovator does it mention that they should hold back on new ideas until legislation can be put in place. In the highly competitive tech world, new features and devices are brought to market as quickly as possible. Then it is just a matter of waiting for the law to catch up. This isn’t a new scenario. When Karl Benz received his motorca ..

12.4.2019 Fairfax Tech Column 141

Time for me to do my best impression of Adam Savage. I want to bust a few myths today. There seems to be so much discussion around the technology associated with electric cars at the moment – and I struggle to find data and facts in amongst the spin. I feel well qualified to add some common-sense to this debate. Apart from my thirty years in the technology industry and having studied Science at the University of Sydney instilling a discipline of utilising research and data rather than  ..

05.4.2019 Fairfax Tech Column 140

One of my greatest disappointments in society is a syndrome I call LOMS. Look Over My Shoulder. Some people struggle with someone else, that they see when they look ‘over their shoulder’, gaining some perceived advantage or accessing something they want. It is an idea not limited to individuals. Businesses do it as well. Even large businesses. Very large businesses. Take Google (or its now parent company Alphabet Inc.). Current market capitalisation is $818 billion. For the l ..