Fairfax Tech Talk Column

Fairfax Tech Talk Column

27.12.2019 Fairfax Tech Talk Column 178

This Christmas, I promised myself, I definitely wouldn’t overindulge and then collapse in front of the TV and start pumping out zeds. But with a beautiful meal prepared and family gathered, the inevitable happened and before I knew it, I looked like Homer Simpson on the couch complete with dribble running from the corner of my mouth. In much the same way I promised myself this year that I wouldn’t do a ‘Year in Review’ column but the inexorable draw of the end of ..

20.12.2019 Fairfax Tech Talk Column 177

As our family gathers together during the holidays, it is inevitable there will be a point in time when we start reminiscing about our lives together. We pull out funny stories from our past with maybe a little embellishment on each retelling. One chestnut that always features in our ruminating is the time when one of our teenage children snuck out to a party late at night. When my wife and myself were woken by our dog, a quick inspection of the house found no intruder, but a decision to ..

13.12.2019 Fairfax Tech Talk Column 176

A friend of mine once told me that a phone call is a demand for a meeting without an appointment. Whilst I don’t necessarily agree with the attitude from a customer service perspective, I do understand the sentiment. Until 1876, our society existed on the basis of physical interactions or the laborious method of communication that seems non-existent today – letters. Once the telephone became entrenched in our society, communication became so much quicker. When we think of our ..

06.12.2019 Fairfax Tech Talk Column 175

What would your answer be if I asked you for the most commonly used data service in the world? Just a subtle hint - I have used exactly 160 characters thus far. It was twenty-seven years ago that the first text message was sent. Now text messaging – or more accurately Short Message Service messaging – is the most popular data service in the world. With good reason. Text messages have an open rate of 98 per cent and a response rate of 45 per cent. By way of comparison, e-m ..