Fairfax Tech Talk Column

Fairfax Tech Talk Column

29.11.2019 Fairfax Tech Talk Column 174

Most people see the name of my column, ‘Tech Talk’, and assume I talk about technology. Correct assumption. Where it starts to become more complicated is in the definition of technology. For most people the modern assumption of technology – in some part confirmed by the topics I discuss – would be that technology needs to have some component of electronics associated with it. Computers; mobile phones; electric cars; renewable power; the Internet; etc. These are all to ..

22.11.2019 Fairfax Tech Talk Column 173

I had a trip down to Bega and Eden on the picturesque Sapphire Coast this week – and apart from a variety of beautiful views I came across an incredibly unusual sight. I saw a person taking photos…with a camera! Sure - people still do use cameras to take photos but I admit to being a little surprised when I see something other than a smartphone used for photography. And with good reason. Of the estimated one trillion photos taken across the wo ..

15.11.2019 Fairfax Tech Talk Column 172

Today I have a big day planned. After a breakfast of yeast extract on toast, I am going to visit a shopping mall and travel down the moving stairway after having purchased my lightweight jacket with both clasp lock zip fasteners and additional hook and loop fasteners. I am going to ride my personal watercraft before throwing a flying disc to my children who will, no doubt, ignore the cold and wear a short-sleeved, collared shirt. I will need to pack some facial tissues and adhesive bandages  ..

08.11.2019 Fairfax Tech Talk Column 171

When it comes to the rich and famous, we are constantly reading about the latest toys and accessories they purchase to live a life that is foreign to the average person. Think of private yachts owned by Steven Spielberg; Paul Allen and Larry Page that feature a full spa, movie theatre, gym and helipad. Think of private jets owned by Oprah; Bill Gates and Tyler Perry that feature a full spa, movie theatre, gym and helipad…OK, maybe not a helipad but you get the idea. The elite in socie ..

01.11.2019 Fairfax Tech Talk Column 170

As much as the world of technology has seen some incredible visionaries throughout time, some hindsight short-sightedness demonstrates just how difficult it is to plan for the future. We are all familiar with the Y2k problem, of course, when early programmers deduced that two bytes of data could be saved when writing the date. To any human or computer, it was obvious that if the date man landed on the moon was written as 16071969 or 160769 they were both the same date. At up to US$90 per kil ..