Fairfax Tech Talk Column

Fairfax Tech Talk Column

25.1.2019 Fairfax Tech Column 131

If you have seen the comedy film, Why Him, you will remember the voice of Kaley Cuoco (famous for her role as Penny in The Big Bang Theory) as Justine, Laird’s in-home artificial intelligence. Justine is incredibly helpful – some might say a little too helpful – and is constantly listening and offering advice as you move throughout Laird’s house. This is a fictional movie so obviously nowhere near the truth. Hold on for just one second. Henn na Hotel in Ja ..

18.1.2019 Fairfax Tech Column 130

Trust in business is an interesting concept. Without thinking too hard about it, we inherently have different levels of trust expectations in various organisations we deal with. Often it comes down to the importance of what we are purchasing, the price and the length of time we will use it. When we see a five-dollar ornament at a weekend market, we probably don’t think too much about the trust factor. It isn’t a lot of money and if the ornament falls apart in a week, the wor ..

11.1.2019 Fairfax Tech Column 129

I did say in my column last week that you would think I would have learned by now that making predictions for the next year in the world of technology is somewhat foolhardy as the technology world changes so quickly. I also said that I expect some people to look back at my predictions in a year and have a chuckle about how far wrong some of my predictions were. It didn’t take a year. In comments received already, one particular prediction is being ridiculed without even a week passing. ..

04.1.2019 Fairfax Tech Column 128

You would think I would be old enough to know better. I have been writing and speaking about technology for over fifteen years and this year is my thirtieth involved in the technology industry yet I still don’t seem to have learned from the past. Every now and then I have a rush of blood after a wild New Year celebration and decide that it is a good idea to make some predictions about what the world of technology will bring this year. Inevitably when I look back at those prediction ..