Fairfax Tech Talk Column

Fairfax Tech Talk Column

31.8.2018 Fairfax Tech Column 110

I am going to utter three letters that cause a huge amount of elation and frustration and glee and anger among Australians. Sometimes all at the same time and all from the one person. It depends on where you live and what you do as to the level of which emotion is strongest. NBN. With premises receiving a variety of different technologies and some users not able to access the technology at all, it is no surprise that it has created a range of emotions. If we leave aside the diff ..

24.8.2018 Fairfax Tech Column 109

Today gives me the opportunity to talk about two of my favourite things. Technology and cycling. It is also a story about how the modern world of product development works so differently to how it did in the past. Go back before we had the Internet and almost unlimited sharing of information and if someone had an idea for a product, they would have to pitch the idea to an established manufacturer in the hope that someone would see the potential of the product – while at the same ti ..

17.8.2018 Fairfax Tech Column 108

Foxtel made a major announcement this week in relation to TV resolution. They will start broadcasting shows in 4K – or more accurately 3840 pixels wide by 2160 pixels high. It started me thinking about the progression of television broadcasting and the varying standards we have viewed over the sixty-two years since Bruce Gyngell uttered the famous words, “Good evening, and welcome to television.” That first official broadcast by TCN-9 Sydney on 16 September 1956 was in mono ..

10.8.2018 Fairfax Tech Column 107

As much as many great achievers throughout history might joke that the world would be better without their competition, the reality is that humans thrive on competition and rivalries to inspire improvement. Would John Landy and Roger Bannister both have run under 4 minutes for a mile at the 1954 Commonwealth Games without each other as competition? Would the Airbus A380 and Boeing Dreamliner both exist without the other driving the business to greater heights (sorry for the early pun). Would ..

03.8.2018 Fairfax Tech Column 106

We were extremely fortunate this week to have some of the largest technology companies in the world deliver presentations in our city at the inaugural diga.tech conference, organised by a very progressive Dubbo Chamber of Commerce. Speakers from Microsoft; NBN; Xero; CBA; Amazon and Telstra were at the conference with a view to tomorrow’s technology today. Many people may have viewed this type of conference as only for tech geeks but on the contrary – and I admit to a heavy b ..