Fairfax Tech Talk Column

Fairfax Tech Talk Column

29.6.2018 Fairfax Tech Column 101

It was back in 2013 that ‘selfie’ was named the 2013 word of the year by Oxford Dictionaries. The first use of the term was credited to an Aussie who was describing a photograph he took of himself after falling over drunk after a twenty first birthday celebration. That photograph was taken in 2002 so it only took eleven years from its first recorded use to being such a part of everyday language that it was acknowledged as the word of the year. If being included in the Oxford Dict ..

22.6.2018 Fairfax Tech Column 100

As a true blue Aussie, I am very proud to be doing something today that our cricketers have struggled to do recently. Chalk up a century. Today marks a century of columns in my current series for Fairfax. For my one hundredth column, I thought of looking back at the changes we have seen over the last 99 columns. My first five columns discussed radiation from mobiles; international roaming; the changing face of TV; autonomous cars and Wi-Fi on planes. All items that are still relevant to ..

15.6.2018 Fairfax Tech Column 99

Buskers. School canteens. Tips. Coffees. These are the reasons people often give me to support the argument that we will never be a cashless society. I accept the fact that it may well be a long time before we are cashless but never is a very long time indeed. It reminds me of the arguments put forward many ears ago when offices started installing document scanners. The talk in technology circles was that we would be paperless within a few years. My logic was that we would not be paperle ..

08.6.2018 Fairfax Tech Column 98

State of Origin time again and what a fascinating contest in Melbourne on Wednesday night. Not fascinating because NSW actually won a game but fascinating for the technology inherent in the modern broadcast. Since 2014 we have seen the NFL (National Football League) in America use player tracking devices to deliver information to coaches and fans about every move a player is making on the field. The technology was first introduced into State of Origin broadcasts last year and it has evo ..

01.6.2018 Fairfax Tech Column 97

The alarm goes off. The hand reaches for the button to stop the noise before bounding out of bed to engage in some gaming before the reality of the real-world sets in. Breakfast, chores and the trip to school. Sounds like a typical morning for a teenage male in our modern computer focused world. Actually, the latest research shows this is more the typical morning for a female aged over 55. What? Surely all those movies showing stereotypical socially awkward overweight teenage boys i ..