Fairfax Tech Talk Column

Fairfax Tech Talk Column

28.12.2018 Fairfax Tech Column 127

For my last column of the year, I thought I would interrupt my relaxed watching of the Boxing Day Test and glance back at my previous fifty-two columns and pick the best bits from the year. It seemed simple and quick and would allow me to get back to watching Pat Cummins attempt to finally dislodge some Indians. I was wrong. Not so much about Pat Cummins but about reading over a few previous columns being a lazy option. In the hustle and bustle of day to day life, it is easy to forget ab ..

21.12.2018 Fairfax Tech Column 126

I was at Dundullimal on Wednesday night this week where the local Mountain Bike (MTB) Club raced for the last time for the year. In line with our annual tradition, pizzas were ordered so the riders could sit around at the end of the race and enjoy some camaraderie off the track. Ordering pizzas to be delivered to Dundullimal is a minor issue as it is a bit difficult to get to by car and it involves a detailed description to arrive at the exact location. The delivery driver made it there in t ..

14.12.2018 Fairfax Tech Column 125

Do you remember the major discussion point in September 2015? It was all anyone could talk about. Apple announced their new iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus – sans headphone jack. It was the death of the iPhone. It was the beginning of the end for Apple’s share price. It may even possibly be the end of civilisation. Maybe some pundits were a little extreme in their predictions but there was no doubt that it caused some heartache amongst consumers across the world and even led to custom ..

07.12.2018 Fairfax Tech Column 124

On 7 June 2010, Steve Jobs launched the latest and most advanced smartphone on the market. The iPhone 4. Apart from many features it had that were the ‘best ever’, one boast particularly caught my eye (pre-pun). Jobs introduced a new display called ‘Retina Display’ which was past the limit where the human eye could make out different pixels. The screen had 326 individual pixels for every square inch of the screen. Commonly known as ppi (pixels per inch). Jobs claimed  ..