Fairfax Tech Column

Fairfax Tech Column

17.11.2017 Fairfax Tech Column 69

CVC. CR. AVC. PoI. FTTP. FTTN. FTTB. FW. Mbps. RSP. I think the National Broadband Network (NBN) has lots of people suffering from TMIS (Too Many Initialisms Syndrome – OK, you caught me, I made that one up). My general feeling is that people don’t really care what these Initialisms stand for or mean – they simply want to have reliable and fast Internet that is commensurate with the promise from their Retail Service Provider (RSP). The ONLY reason that the general publi ..

27.10.2017 Fairfax Tech Column 66

Back in the glory days when Australia had locally made cars, I was lucky enough to be escorted through the Toyota plant in Altona, Victoria. At the end of the tour, I asked the plant manager why the Camry still had a spare tyre. He looked at me as if I had two heads, paused, and said, “Cars have always had spare tyres.” Statistics from roadside assistance providers show that only 11.3 per cent of all call-outs are related to wheels, tyres and flats (and further stats show that mo ..

20.10.2017 Fairfax Tech Column 65

“Now look at them yo-yos that's the way you do it; You play the guitar on the MTV. That ain't workin' that's the way you do it; Money for nothin' and [outdated and politically incorrect] chicks for free.” With those immortal words from the Dire Straits album, Brothers in Arms, the music industry started one of its many revolutions in the way music is delivered. That particular album, released on 13 May 1985, was the first album to sell more in Compact Discs (CDs) than it sol ..

13.10.2017 Fairfax Tech Column 64

In a Fox News interview in the US last month, Microsoft co-founder, Bill Gates, admitted that he no longer uses a Windows based mobile phone. It was an admission of massive proportions. Windows 10 Mobile has been floundering in the marketplace with only 0.03 per cent of all global smartphone shipments in the second quarter of this year. That percentage actually translates to over 112,000 sales in the quarter with global smartphone sales hitting almost 1.5 billion last year, but when Microsof ..

05.10.2017 Fairfax Tech Column 63

I have spoken before about the Smart Home and the variety of devices that are either on the market or about to hit the market that aim to be at the centre of the Smart Home. For some people, the total integration of the home and taking that colossal leap into the unknown is a step too large to take. I get that. Given how new this market segment is and how many competing products there are makes it difficult to make any decision – and when humans are faced with that the normal response  ..

29.9.2017 Fairfax Tech Column 62

This month witnessed the nineteenth anniversary (note anniversary not birthday) of one of the most recognisable names in the tech world. It is a company that touches 90.3 per cent of Internet connected users on a daily basis, and sits at number two on the US Stock Exchange with a market capitalisation of $647.47B but if George Bell had said Yes to allowing the founders to continue on with their study, history would currently be telling a different story. In 1997, Larry Page arrived at St ..

22.9.2017 Fairfax Tech Column 61

The days don’t come much bigger than today in the tech world. A triple launch day with the two largest phone manufacturers in the world involved. At 8am today, Samsung launches the Note 8. After the massive failure of the Note 7 and the complete withdrawal of this phone from the market, make no mistake about it, this is significant for Samsung. One mistake can be dismissed as a simple mistake. Two mistakes points to systemic issues. The entire reputation of Samsung can be destroyed if  ..

15.9.2017 Fairfax Tech Column 60

In 1964 Arthur C. Clarke gave his predictions for the world today. He correctly surmised that we would have wireless global communications such that cities as business hubs would no longer be necessary. He predicted that people would no longer commute but instead they would communicate. “Men will only travel for pleasure,” he was quoted as saying. When you look further back, predictions 100 years ago suggested there would be flying taxis and people would travel to the moon ro ..

08.9.2017 Fairfax Tech Column 59

The technology world is typically known for changing at a fast pace and constantly innovating. When anyone learns that I am involved in the tech industry, they must assume that I am somehow related to Nostradamus – they all want to know what is the next big thing in technology or what is the future for some now product. All I can say with any certainty is that what is available today will seem incredibly inadequate when tomorrow comes – but today is the best technology we hav ..

01.9.2017 Fairfax Tech Column 58

I know you have been counting down the days to this Sunday. Quite easily the most important day of the year – Father’s Day. I realise you only have a couple of days left to make those all-important purchases but what Dad wouldn’t want to add some tech to his life. Here, complete with a declaration of a conflict of interest (hint to my children) is my complete Father’s Day Tech Gift Guide. Smartwatches have been gaining momentum in the market and there are more ..