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Fairfax Tech Column

30.11.2018 Fairfax Tech Column 123

I am an unabashed fan of electric cars. I also believe that if you talk the talk, you need to walk the walk. To that point, I am currently driving number seven electric or electric hybrid car since 2005. In order: Toyota Prius; Toyota Camry Hybrid; Holden Volt PHEV; Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV; Nissan Leaf; Lexus NX300h Hybrid and Tesla Model S (seven vehicles from six different manufacturers). In addition, my wife; daughter and business manager all currently drive hybrid vehicles. I won&rsquo ..

23.11.2018 Fairfax Tech Column 122

Look briefly at the following transcript of a recorded telephone conversation between someone wanting to book a table at a restaurant and the restaurant. Restaurant: Good evening. Caller: Hello? Restaurant: Hello. Caller: Hi, um, I'd like to reserve a table for Friday the third. Restaurant: OK, hold on one moment. Caller: Mm hmm. Restaurant: OK… hold on one second. Caller: Mm hmm. Restaurant: So Friday November third. How many people? Caller: Fo ..

16.11.2018 Fairfax Tech Column 121

When you walk around an office building, you can easily spot all the people that have watched the movie, Snowden. They are the ones with items stuck over the camera on their PC to block the NSA (or other agencies and individuals) from spying on their activities. We might think this only applies to the particularly paranoid in our society but there is a murderer in the New Hampshire area who wishes that it was only science fiction. Two women were murdered in a Farmington home where an Am ..

09.11.2018 Fairfax Tech Column 120

The very first phone I sold – way back in 1990 – was an NEC P3 but the most popular handheld mobile I sold around that time was the Motorola 8000. In much the same way that Apple started the smartphone revolution, the Motorola ‘brick phone’ started the mobile revolution. It was big. 330mm tall by 90mm deep and 45mm wide and, by mobile standards, a massive 784 grams. A 10-hour battery charge would result in a phone that you could use for a total of 30 minutes of talk t ..

02.11.2018 Fairfax Tech Column 119

When a young person with a clipboard approaches you on the street to ask a survey question, the researchers think they are obtaining the true thoughts of a randomised sample. That may well be the case – but it does depend on the question and the person’s thoughts. For example, if a survey question was, “Are you racist?” then I guarantee very few people would respond in the affirmative. Even though some of those people may be racist, they recognise that they probab ..

26.10.2018 Fairfax Tech Column 118

I have to get something off my chest. I believe in Anthropogenic Climate Change (ACC). Actually, that isn’t strictly correct. It is not so much that I believe in Climate Change any more than I believe in the fact our planet revolves around the sun. That may seem like a silly example – we all ‘know’ the planets in our Solar System revolve around the sun and we were taught that from the day we were born – but it was only several hundred years ago when Heliocentris ..

19.10.2018 Fairfax Tech Column 117

As with many industries, the die-hards are separated from the pretenders by their knowledge of acronyms and initialisms (AAI). If you really want to know you are speaking to an expert in any industry, listen to how many AAIs roll off the tongue in normal speech. The technology industry is no different – although some may say tech geeks are the worst offenders at dropping the phrases to the point that they are in widespread use. Think of ADSL; LAN; PC; POP; POTS and PSTN (meaning the sa ..

12.10.2018 Fairfax Tech Column 116

It is an all too common experience. You sit down for dinner and gather the family around to discuss the events of the day. Your first forkful of a well-prepared meal is on its way to your mouth to satisfy your hunger when rudely interrupted by…Ring Ring. I have heard it said that a phone call is a demand for a meeting without an appointment, but if you decide to take the call or ignore the call it has still been an interruption to precious family time. How many times do you answer ..

05.10.2018 Fairfax Tech Column 115

Ask any millennial and they will tell you that ALL sales are now online. It may seem that way – and there is incredible growth in online sales – but there is still some bite left in bricks and mortar. I recently delivered some presentations telling businesses how to make sure they are putting their organisation in the best possible position to compete against the online juggernaut and the secret is to flip the way you view online shopping. Before I give away those secrets, we ..

28.9.2018 Fairfax Tech Column 114

I am sure the major talking point in households around Australia last night was the impact that the removal of Dasha and Emily would have on the dynamic of The Honey Badger and his four remaining female suitors. Over a million metropolitan viewers tuned in to Channel Ten to see the next chapter unfold. I am not that big a fan of so-called reality shows. What I do find interesting is how people are viewing their television. Tablets are used in the kitchen to watch shows while cooking even ..