Digitally Enhanced

Digitally Enhanced

23.12.2016 2016 Tech Year in Review: Weekender Digitally Enhanced Column 31

Any review of a year is tough. What were the important aspects? What items were revolutionary rather than just evolutionary? What should be left out? Looking back over technology for the last year was tough. There are so many technological advancements made every day it is hard to narrow down the list for a year. Keep in mind that last year the ten highest patent lodging companies had 36,108 patents amongst them. That is almost one hundred patents a day from only ten companies. All of th ..

16.12.2016 Gift ideas for the geek in your life: Weekender Digitally Enhanced Column 30

I am sure all of the readers of this column have a family member who is lucky enough to be technically obsessed – and this time of year is always difficult. What to buy the person who thinks a piece of sporting equipment would be a great device to gather spider webs on; clothes are something that should be bought once and then kept forever and jewellery is good for the Gold within that could be melted and used in electronic devices. I am here to solve your gift problems this Christ ..

09.12.2016 Does Technology improve our lives? Weekender Digitally Enhanced Column 29

OK. So we are hurtling towards the end of another year like a freight train and I have been talking about different aspects of technology each and every week. I thought it might be a good time to pause for a moment, sit up and be a little philosophical. I am in technology so I may be the wrong person to answer my own question but I talk and use technology almost every minute of every day and I want to ask the seemingly simple question. Does technology improve our lives? I may need to ref ..

02.12.2016 Expanding use of Bluetooth: Weekender Digitally Enhanced Column 28

Penny: “How are flower berets gunna appeal to men?“ Howard: “We add Bluetooth” Sheldon: “Brilliant. Men love Bluetooth.” Penny: “Wait a minute, wait a minute. You wanna make a hair beret with Bluetooth?” Sheldon: “Penny. Everything is better with Bluetooth!”. Sheldon from Big Bang Theory was right – everything is better with Bluetooth but what exactly is Bluetooth and what are some of the applications of the technology. Le ..

25.11.2016 Ubiquity of connectivity: Weekender Digitally Enhanced Column 27

My official start in technology businesses goes back to 4 December 1989 but I well remember my interest in the technological world being stirred up when our school, St. Johns College, purchased two Apple II computers in the early eighties and I started tinkering and programming and being entirely fascinated. With almost twenty-seven years officially involved in technology and well over thirty years of playing with computers and electronics, I am often asked for my opinion on the most signifi ..

18.11.2016 Wi-Fi around the home: Weekender Digitally Enhanced Column 26

With the NBN rolling out throughout our region and people enjoying faster connections from their home to the Internet, I am commonly asked about the best way to connect devices within the home to take advantage of the increased speed. Many people are interested in wireless but because of [Global warming or Donald Trump or a bad neighbour or insert some other crazy concept] many people do not achieve brilliant wireless speeds throughout their house. Although the NBN is being blamed for a numb ..

11.11.2016 The best time to buy technology: Weekender Digitally Enhanced Column 25

When I was growing up I used to enjoy spending time with my Dad attending race meetings at the Dubbo Greyhound Racing Club. Dad spent many years as President of the Club and so I often tagged along to help out. While at the meetings, I would grab a race book and try and pick a few winners and Dad would give me a dollar to put a bet on a dog. I am sure the bookies loved to see me coming because I was drawn to the dogs with big odds. I found it fascinating that I could hand someone one dollar  ..

04.11.2016 Tracking...well...everything: Weekender Digitally Enhanced Column 24

I am a bit worried about my elderly Mum. She told me she was going to Mass but I happened to drive past and I couldn’t see her car there. My kids like going for a walk with the dog along the Tracker-Riley cycleway. How do I know that they haven’t met with foul play? I am riding my bike early in the morning through our kangaroo infested mountain bike trails and I am late home. My wife would like to know if I am just slow today or if a kangaroo might have taken me out. If only  ..

28.10.2016 Speech translation: Weekender Digitally Enhanced Column 23

“The Babel Fish is small, yellow and leech-like, and probably the oddest thing in the Universe. It feeds on brainwave energy received not from its own carrier but from those around it. It absorbs all unconscious mental frequencies from this brainwave energy to nourish itself with. It then excretes into the mind of its carrier a telepathic matrix formed by combining the conscious thought frequencies with nerve signals picked up from the speech centres of the brain which has supplied the ..

21.10.2016 The smarter home: Weekender Digitally Enhanced Column 22

Picture the scene. I am sitting in a café in Prague enjoying a coffee with my wife. I receive a call from a tradesperson who is at the gates of my manor wanting to enter to rectify an issue at the house. No-one is home. Normally the response would be a cry of frustration at finally having a tradesperson turn up – only to turn them away because the house is empty. Not in the world we live in today. I put the tradesperson on speakerphone while my technology-widowed wife ro ..