CRN From the Coal Face

CRN From the Coal Face

24.3.2014 Resellers, excuses just don't cut it

No matter how good your excuses, most customers don’t want to hear them. My children are going against the Aussie trend and are not yet convinced that they need to eat, sleep and breathe cricket for the entire summer. Through a series of compulsory incremental exposure dosages, I am going to make sure they grow up to be well-balanced Aussie kids (plus what better excuse for Dad to watch the cricket). I like to take them to an occasional game so last year I took them down to game fo ..

12.1.2014 Winning the hearts and minds of the platform-agnostic

Under-30s do things their own way. The rest of us can either work out how to do business with them – or miss out Regular readers of my column will know that I spurn the concept of creating a list of resolutions for the New Year, with statistics revealing that 92 percent of people will be unsuccessful with their resolution. I also believe that business change should be continual and gradual rather than a binary experience. On the other hand, the holiday season in Australia gives yo ..

03.10.2012 Marketing must have a clear target in sight

Machine gun campaigns too pricey for SMBs. From a marketing perspective, one of the most important components is to understand the demographics of your clients. You can’t be all things to all people so don’t try to be. I often see businesses take a shotgun approach to their marketing and they spray their marketing efforts everywhere. This is ineffective and costly. Small businesses simply can’t afford to throw money away with wasted marketing efforts. If you cre ..

03.6.2011 Offer an experience the internet can’t

Retailers bemoan the loss of sales to customers shopping online but there is something they can do about it besides just praying for salvation. Some retailers feel that trying to combat online shopping is like trying to stop a tsunami with an umbrella. I actually have a different view. The internet has changed the way consumers shop around the world. Does that mean that every business that has a physical presence should just shut their doors and put their tail between their legs? That ..

20.4.2011 You need to sweat the little things

Seemingly little things do count. Returning phone calls from your clients, for instance, can bring a huge return A recent survey that caught my eye recently noted the percentage of phone messages that go unreturned in business. I really don’t know about the absolute validity of some survey data and, despite my personal frustration with unreturned phone calls, the 59 percent quoted in this particular survey still seemed a little high – but who am I to argue? That number act ..

08.10.2010 Opinion: A peacock’s tail tells a good story

A lesson from the birds – have something to shout about, and shout loudly. The Indian peacock has beautiful blue-green plumage in its train with a series of eyes that look magnificent when the train is fanned open. Many of the brilliant colours are due to an optical interference phenomenon known as ‘Bragg reflection', which is based on the nanostructures of the barbules of the feathers. As we all know, the peacock flares out its feathers when it is trying to attract the at ..

31.5.2010 Converging on the ridiculous

There must be aliens out there providing alternative definitions of our reseller jargon for ordinary people. You may think this article is a work of fiction when you read the next sentence. I was recently at a birthday party for a friend of mine... There you go, IT nerds do sometimes get out from under their doona where they have been playing Half Life 2 for the last six months. The good part about being at a party is that no-one expects an IT person to be at the actual party, so they ..