CRN From the Coal Face

CRN From the Coal Face

01.9.2014 Ever wonder why clients leave? CRN September 2014

Wouldn’t it be nice to get inside the heads of your clients and work out just why they make the decisions they make? I am always fascinated as to what the trigger was for a client to make contact with a supplier today. Why not yesterday or last week or next month? I haven’t got an easy answer, but one item that I can help you with is why people go the other way and stop dealing with you. Not every trigger is preventable, but the majority are. The number one reason that c ..

31.7.2014 Why all the carry-on about customer service?

Whether operating an airline or reselling IT, keep your clients happy. I’ve lost count of the number of times I have had to stand in the aisle while boarding a plane as people in front of me try and do the impossible in some misconstrued belief of the size of their bar-fridge-sized ‘carry-on’ luggage. Do they really think it will magically squeeze, TARDIS-like, into the overhead locker? You can sense the frustration in the few people who, like me, can legitimately ca ..

03.4.2013 Dickerson: spending as a service

Cost cutting needs to be properly considered. It often intrigues me when a public company makes a major announcement in relation to a redundancy offering – and their share price jumps a few percent. As a simple example, QR National traded around $2.80 for most of January 2011 and into early February. On 8 February, 3,500 workers were offered redundancy packages and the share price jumped to $3.02 by 9 February and up to $3.23 by the beginning of March. A 15 per cent increase in less  ..

04.7.2011 Dickerson: Motorcycle diaries clue to beat e-tailers

A trip to a motorbike store convinced CRN's Coalface columnist there was life after the internet. Some retailers feel that trying to combat online shopping is like trying to stop a tsunami with an umbrella. I actually have a different view. The internet has changed how consumers shop around the world. Does that mean that every business that has a physical presence should just shut their doors and put their tail between their legs? That is an option – but not a good one. Som ..

22.5.2011 Why the customer is always right, right?

Mathew Dickerson talks about how a simple transaction runs dangerously off the rails, all because the merchant doesn’t care about what the customer wants I have to admit I’m on the run from the long arm of the law at the moment. I am on the run from a debt of $5 from a well-known national franchise. My wife tells me it is a condition known as Grumpy Old Man-ism. I tell her it is just frustration with businesses that don’t listen and understand what their clients want.  ..

05.8.2010 Tour de France shows up the technology

Tour de France highlights non-traditional opportunities for resellers. The 97th Tour de France ( has just been decided and Australia's hopes of victory were broken as quickly as Cadel's elbow at the beginning of Stage Eight. So many late viewing nights over the last month drove the point home to me that technology is no longer something that we geeks and nerds of the world can claim as our own. The acceptance of technology is now well and truly mainstream. ..