CRN From the Coal Face

CRN From the Coal Face

01.5.2015 Growing Pains: CRN May 2015

Businesses typically don’t start as multinational organisations with tens of thousands of employees. Most businesses are started by one or two people with a passion. Think of some of the best-known in our industry. Paul Allen and Bill Gates loved programming way back in 1975 and that passion has grown to 128,000 employees at Microsoft today. Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs started selling personal computer kits in 1976 and now Apple has 98,000 employees. Larry Page and Sergey Brin were si ..

01.3.2015 Don't put training on the backburner: CRN March 2015

I recently went through airport security for the umpteenth time. It almost becomes second nature now. Remove the notebook from my computer case. Drop it in a tray. Remove my wallet and phone from my pockets. Put them on a tray. Smile nicely. Walk through. Maybe I have a look about me as I then seem to be stopped for the explosives check more often than not. This time was different though. Rather than a nod and a quick swipe with a wand the security officer asked me in a polite manner to move ..

01.11.2014 Networking is not a dirty word: CRN November 2014

Networking: it's a scary concept. I'm not talking about the layered protocol stack of TCP/IP. I'm talking about something dramatically more difficult: the social skill. You probably know someone who claims to be the world's best networker. He or she has a ready supply of business cards in their top pocket; they move from group to group at a business function with the greatest of ease, injecting themselves into every conversation just long enough to hand over a business card, and will la ..

01.9.2014 Ever wonder why clients leave? CRN September 2014

Wouldn’t it be nice to get inside the heads of your clients and work out just why they make the decisions they make? I am always fascinated as to what the trigger was for a client to make contact with a supplier today. Why not yesterday or last week or next month? I haven’t got an easy answer, but one item that I can help you with is why people go the other way and stop dealing with you. Not every trigger is preventable, but the majority are. The number one reason that c ..