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26.2.2012 Newsletter 7: 26022012

Lead Article (Self-help topic – Answer the questions that aren’t asked) I am sure you are all familiar with Donald Rumsfeld’s most famous quote. “There are known knowns. These are things we know that we know. There are known unknowns. That is to say, there are things that we know we don't know. But there are also unknown unknowns. There are things we don't know we don't know.” One of the greatest ways to increase customer satisfaction in the IT space is ..

20.1.2012 Newsletter 6

Lead Article (Self-help topic – PRICING STRATEGY) Managed Services, as with any business model, requires a pricing strategy that ensures the business owner is profitable while providing the feeling to the client that they are receiving services that are commensurate with the price that is being paid. The most common mistake I see in the world of Managed Services is setting prices at a level way below what is reasonable with the mistaken belief by the IT Provider that the objective  ..

18.12.2011 Newsletter 5

Lead Article (Self-help topic – ARE COUPONS GOOD FOR BUSINESS) Way back in 1887, Coca-Cola was the first company to use the concept of coupons. Coupons were actually physical items back then – nothing like the electronic versions of today. Coca-Cola would issue coupons to employees and sales reps and encourage them to give them to people so they could try out this new drink. They would print coupons in magazines and encourage people to cut them out and claim their free drink. ..

27.11.2011 Newsletter 4

Lead Article (Self-help topic – FINANCE AS A SALES TOOL) Many businesses work on attracting new clients and selling more equipment. There is logic in that process. Some of the statistics from a recent survey though may scare a few people. The survey focussed on the business environment over the next 12 months. 28 percent of businesses surveyed said that they expect difficult conditions over the next year. A worrying stat for the IT sector is that 32 percent intend to reduce capital ..

19.10.2011 Newsletter 3

Lead Article (Self-help topic - STAFF) Every business that I speak with tells me how hard it is to attract and retain great staff. Even terrible staff are incredibly hard to attract and retain in the current employment environment. There are a range of strategies you can employ that MAY work for you or you can hire a recruitment firm and hand over your first born child. I have a different idea. I say that you should give your company away. I know that sounds a little drastic, but ..

21.9.2011 Newsletter 2

Lead Article (Self-help topic - VISION) Is Apple going to survive without Steve Jobs? Why are people even asking this question? There are 49,399 other employees at Apple who can surely continue on the same as they did the day before Steve announced his resignation. Is Steve Jobs so singularly brilliant that Apple will fall apart without him? As with many technical organisations, it is assumed that the leader of that company is technically brilliant. Everyone assumes that Bill Gates i ..

24.8.2011 Newsletter 1

Lead Article (Self-help topic - CHANGE) When an IT business decides to make that daunting leap from break/fix to MSP, it involves that scariest of words. Change. Humans are really basic animals. We only need four things to survive – oxygen, water, food and sex. One additional item usually makes us happy. We need to feel safe. That feeling of safety is the major reason change is resisted in a business. Change must occur at all levels across a business but employees will r ..