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01.6.2015 New Year Resolutions: Newsletter 17

Lead Article (Self-help topic – NEW YEAR RESOLUTIONS) I have a terrible confession to make. As the celebrations start for another year, people are kissing strangers and everyone is sharing their resolutions for the next year. I suddenly feel alone and isolated. I admit that I don’t have any New Year Resolutions. The party goes quiet. When the champagne is flowing and the alcohol blood level is increasing seems like a terrible time to plan the future success of my li ..

01.5.2015 Growth: Newsletter 16

Lead Article (Self-help topic – GROWTH) Growth in a business often raises different opinions. Some people focus on growth in turnover; growth in staff; growth in outlets; growth in product lines…the list goes on. There is only one item I want to see growth in. Net profit. Some people focus on those other areas assuming it will deliver growth in net profit but the primary reason to be in business is to generate a profit and if that isn’t a focal point you can sometimes  ..

01.4.2015 Leadership: Newsletter 15

Lead Article (Self-help topic – LEADERSHIP) With a US election only moments away, I started thinking about the value of leadership and, in particular, how important good leadership is in a business. The concept of leadership is quite interesting. You might say that it is obvious that the US will soon have a leader called Obama or Romney. In a business sense, it might seem obvious that the CEO is the ‘leader’. I see leadership in a slightly different light – pa ..

25.9.2012 Newsletter 14: 25092012

Lead Article (Self-help topic – SHOW US YOUR TIPS) I am on a family holiday at the moment in the land of Stars and Stripes and one of my ‘Dad behaviours’ is to ask the kids to look for signs, shops and behaviours that are different to ours in Australia. It is my way of highlighting the differences as we travel the world. I always find it fascinating (and hopefully my kids do as well) that we are all humans and we all have the same basic needs (air, water, food, sex) yet ..

28.8.2012 Newsletter 13: 28082012

Lead Article (Self-help topic – KNOW YOUR BUSINESS) I did some work for a company recently that had a range of different facets to the company. As I spent time understanding their business and the different business units they owned, there was one particular business they were in that seemed to struggle. The financial results were poor, the staff turnover was high and the customer satisfaction left a little to be desired. A triple whammy in poor performance. They had only recently  ..

23.7.2012 Newsletter 12: 23072012

Lead Article (Self-help topic – REGULATIONS ARE GOOD) I recently noticed the Latin that ran across the bottom of the Coat of Arms for the City of Dublin. The city calls this their motto. It is “Obedientia Civium Urbis Felicitas” which translates (according to the brochure – I am definitely not relying on my Latin here) to “Happy the city where citizens obey”. Seeing this started me thinking. Everyone in business tends to complain about paying incom ..

26.6.2012 Newsletter 11: 26062012

Lead Article (Self-help topic – PUT YOUR PRICES UP) The beginning of a new financial year brings with it a range of emotions. There can be satisfaction of a successful previous twelve months – or disappointment that targets were missed. It can bring hope of a strong financial performance in the upcoming year or possibly some trepidation that some new strategies and plans may not work as well as planned. One item that seems to constantly appear on the radar for many businesses ..

22.5.2012 Newsletter 10: 22052012

Lead Article (Self-help topic – DIFFERENT METHODS FOR DIFFERENT MARKETS) One of the most common mistakes I witness when a business expands is assuming that what works in one market will work in other markets. It might seem relatively easy to work out nuances of a new area and tweak your marketing and sales model to suit a new region - and it often is if the areas are nearby. If you were based in Georgia and you open an office in Florida for example, you just need to learn to carry ..

22.4.2012 Newsletter 9: 22042012

Lead Article (Self-help topic – BAD SERVICE = REVENGE CUSTOMERS) Everyone in any service industry seems to be in agreement that it is a good idea to deliver exceptional service. Times have changed though and it is no longer just a good idea to deliver good customer service. If you want to remain in business it is absolutely compulsory to deliver exceptional customer service to every single person that touches your business. The stats from the pre-social media world were bad en ..

27.3.2012 Newsletter 8: 27032012

Lead Article (Self-help topic – CREATE AN ADVISORY BOARD) My focus for this month centres on communication. Companies often have a great story to tell but potential clients don’t know about it because they don’t hear about it. If they don’t hear about it, they often assume a negative view rather than a positive view. It is absolutely essential that an organisation communicates a very strong view of the vision and abilities of that organisation. This particularly a ..