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MSP Answers

31.10.2011 Article 13

How many mistakes can you make? Everyone has a friend that tells them stories about their dreams. Incredible stories. Stories where the dreams match a later event with almost unbelievable accuracy. I have a friend who is convinced that he has some form of supernatural ability. He told me about two such examples. One was back at school where an important exam was coming up that he had been studying hard for. The questions on the exam were either going to be about two poems that he had bee ..

24.10.2011 Article 12

How do people like to pay for professional services? Anecdotal evidence is fine to allow you to form a hypothesis but if you want to make firm decisions in relation to your business, it is better to do it with cold hard statistics. I have long been a believer in the Managed Services concept and it was over ten years ago that I actually started the process of transitioning my business. I must admit that I started this process without having all the facts at hand but I had to do someth ..

17.10.2011 Article 11

Can a chipset help your Managed Services solution? Several years ago, I participated in a combined case study with Intel and an automation tool to gauge the impact of using an advanced remote chipset such as that provided by Intel vProTM technology. The first area that I found surprising was the fact that a hardware manufacturer was suddenly immersing itself in what was essentially a services equation. Without me realising it, the IT services paradigm had changed so dramatically that now ..

10.10.2011 Article 10

Will a PSA actually make you more money? If you feel a few too many pounds around your girth when you buckle your belt, you might consider seeing a fitness instructor and asking for some advice. Many people are interested to find out which is the best piece of exercise equipment to purchase and keep in their home to help them lose some weight. The most common answer is that the best piece of equipment is ANY piece of equipment. If you are currently doing nothing, then doing something is  ..

03.10.2011 Article 9

Work smarter or harder There are some business models that rely solely upon increasing your workforce and making a margin on what you pay each employee. For example, your cost for each employee (including all on-costs) might total $55 per hour. Your chargeable hours for a month might total 65% so the effective cost of your staff is $85 per hour. If you charge out your technicians at $100 per hour you are making a gross profit of $15 per hour. If you achieve your 65% charge out for this t ..

21.9.2011 Article 2

Lead Article (Self-help topic - VISION) Is Apple going to survive without Steve Jobs? Why are people even asking this question? There are 49,399 other employees at Apple who can surely continue on the same as they did the day before Steve announced his resignation. Is Steve Jobs so singularly brilliant that Apple will fall apart without him? As with many technical organisations, it is assumed that the leader of that company is technically brilliant. Everyone assumes that Bill Gates i ..

24.8.2011 Article 1

Lead Article (Self-help topic - CHANGE) When an IT business decides to make that daunting leap from break/fix to MSP, it involves that scariest of words. Change. Humans are really basic animals. We only need four things to survive – oxygen, water, food and sex. One additional item usually makes us happy. We need to feel safe. That feeling of safety is the major reason change is resisted in a business. Change must occur at all levels across a business but employees will r ..

19.10.2010 Article 3

Lead Article (Self-help topic - STAFF) Every business that I speak with tells me how hard it is to attract and retain great staff. Even terrible staff are incredibly hard to attract and retain in the current employment environment. There are a range of strategies you can employ that MAY work for you or you can hire a recruitment firm and hand over your first born child. I have a different idea. I say that you should give your company away. I know that sounds a little drastic, but ..