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Mathew Dickerson is an entertaining and thought-provoking speaker.

With his background in small business, technology, community enterprise and the volunteering space, Mathew brings a wide breadth of experiences, insight and vision to any topic for any audience. 

Energetic and engaging, Mathew encourages his audiences to come away thinking.


Garth Hayward

Regional Manager, Kaseya - Africa

Thank you for the seminar series in South Africa last year. The business theory was backed by practical steps that the attendees started implementing immediately and all of the feedback was incredibly positive. One attendee told me that you were sent by God himself to revolutionise his business! It was no surprise that the attendees at SMEXA this year rated you the number one speaker from the 23 speakers at the conference.

Miranda Coope

Sancta Sophia within The University of Sydney

Thank you for joining us for Formal Dinner on Monday night. I have heard wonderful responses by our students, especially our postgraduate students, who appreciated hearing you speak so passionately and inspiring our students to think critically in their lives and work. I hope you enjoyed your visit to Sancta Sophia College.

Emily Staniforth

Planning and Performance Partner

Many thanks again for putting in the time and effort to participate in our Forum. Your views and experiences in working to evolve an engagement approach are really relevant to us, and you are a natural presenter…this shows in the feedback you received. For example: ‘Mathew was engaging and enthusiastic. He was very easy to listen to and his messages were simple and clear.’ and ‘Mathew encourages thinking about doing things differently and with a positive outlook.’ We look forward to working with you again.

Doug Power

Program Director, IQPC

Mathew has a very engaging presentation style which received great feedback from our delegates.  The session was very interactive which always works well and provided a great perspective. In addition to the core theme, Mathew was also able to provide insight on the new technologies available that can enhance productivity in the workplace. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Mathew should you be looking for a dynamic speaker to really add value to a conference program.

Attendees at RMS Strategy and Engagement

Mathew Dickerson was a fantastic and engaging speaker. He was the one speaker I identified with and found value in from his presentation.” “Mathew was inspiring because of his passion for consultation.” “Inspiring speech from a well-prepared speaker with great presentation skills.” “The presentation from Mathew was very useful as it provided a context to adapt and improvise while changing your thinking to meet the needs of the market.

Bart Sbeghen

Bike Futures Manager, Bicycle Network

Mathew presented at the Bike Futures Cycle Tourism Conference in Launceston and also facilitated one of the workshops. Challenging, thought provoking and dynamic – he made a real contribution to our event.

Attendees at EA/PA Summit

WOW! Who would have thought a Mayor could be so entertaining.” “Two thumbs up.” “Great and relevant content.” “Mathew was very entertaining and his anecdotal accounts were wonderful!” “I truly enjoyed this presentation. Mathew had so much to offer to the audience.” “I thoroughly enjoyed this presentation. Great session.

Nicola Bayley

IQPC Conference Director

Your participation and fantastic session added highly to the quality of the day and to the satisfaction of our delegates. One attendee summed up your session perfectly: ‘A very lively presenter – never short of excellent good humour. A well-considered presentation – this topic was totally appreciated.’ It would be great to work with you again.